Renewable Energy, Then and Now

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At times, when I think of renewable energy I become a little disheartened.

It seems like there are so many obstacles to have these alternative sources of fuel make a dent in our usage—many aren’t cheap enough to use on larger scales, many are still in the research phase, there’s not enough funding, etc… But recently, I saw two maps on Grist that provided a visual of the progress we’ve made over the years.

The first map shows the number of non-hydro renewable energy projects installed or underway in 1970, while the second map shows the number of operational and planned non-hydro projects today.

The difference is promising.

Whereas, there was very little going on just 40 or so years ago, today, almost every state has some kind of renewable energy venture going on. And with technology continually advancing, we could only go forward.

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